Thursday, October 13, 2011



6" by 6" original oil on 3/4 inch wrap around canvas

These sweet little birds can be found at the beach or around town on golf courses and lawns.  They are fun to watch and this little guy was a pleasure to paint.  After more crazy anxiety when I got into my studio, I was able to get down to some painting.  I got out my new paints which always helps to fuel the anticipation and set up my palette and work space and even christened a new round brush! 

Had to try Gamblin's Radiant Turquoise Blue that can be seen in the water of my Kildeer painting!

I love looking at these little footprints in the sand that seem to be covering every square inch of the beach the last week or so.  Guess they are happy to have reclaimed the beach after most of the vacationing visitors have gone for the season!  

Hope your day is wonderful!  Thanks for visiting!

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