Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Taking It All In Stride

Taking It All In Stride
8" by 16" oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted

This painting is available through London Square Gallery

Since my move to the oceanfront of Virginia Beach, I have been seeing a lot of sea gulls every day when I walk my dog, Bailee.  They seem to be taking it all in stride and just spending time by the sea for these walks is helping ME to take it all in stride.  It is so peaceful and soothing and if I go there with any heavy thoughts or worries, they seem to wash away in short order!  I enjoyed spending time with this fella today!  
The other day I mentioned that I had picked a winner for last month's free painting giveaway and wanted to wait to announce her name until I had heard back from her.  Her name is Mary Jane Wolfe and she lives in Duluth, Georgia!  Congratulations to Mary Jane and I will be shipping your painting, Beachscapes to you tomorrow!  I am delighted to have so many subscribers and collectors who are all eligible each month for my giveaway.  If you have not signed up yet, just go to the top of the page and do it!  I also have special V.I.P. discounts that you will hear about!  Hope you week is going well.  This weekend is daylight savings time so get out and soak up some of that sunlight!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is coming so soon!  

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