Monday, May 21, 2012

#141 Daisy Day!

#141 Daisy Day!
5" by 7" original oil on panel

Today was a daisy day.  I planted some shasta daisies in my garden and had them on the brain.  I had painted a daisy in this cobalt vase before but wanted to do one with the transparent oils and working it a little more loosely.  It was fun!  Also planted some portulaka and some cucumbers.  Went to another yoga class today.  We did a pose where we were seated and one knee up.  We were supposed to put one arm around the front of our knee and reach for our other arm that was behind our  Quite the humbling experience as I struggled to even get my arm around my knee.  But we are encouraged to work our own practice and find our personal edge or wall as the case may be.  I do know that I feel great afterwards and I am in the right place!  Hope you have a fantastic day!

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Lisa Graham Art said...

I need to plant some more Shasta Daisies...mine all died over the few years I had them.

Your daisy painting is sweet and I love the blue vase!