Thursday, June 28, 2012

Virginia Sea Gull Original Oil Bird Seascape Art Painting

Virginia Sea Gull
8" by 8" original oil on panel

I photographed this piece in three stages today to show the progression.  Wish I had taken on when I had it loosely drawn in but didn't think of it.  I though I was working on a gessoed panel but discovered with I was a ways into it that it was clapboard.  It is much more absorbent so it was a lot more like working with fast drying acrylics than oils.  I like how it turned out though and liked the challenge!

Stage 2

Kind of have to go backwards here but at this point I was blocking in the colors with opaque paint.

Stage 1

After loosely sketching this fellow using the space around him to help me draw as well as the actual form, I think used transparent oils to block in the color.  I used the rose color up top to help make the blue water a bit cooler and to peek through and a warmer carribean blue down below.  The bird has both ultramarine blue and dioxizine purple in the darker shadows of the bird and indian yellow in the body.  These colors did not mix as much as they normally would because of the clay board but it
gives you the idea.  Then I just start adding the colors in using a gray and white to mix with the transparents and also my favorite blue, Charvin's St. Remy Blue.  Whallah!  

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Maria Hock said...

I love seeing people's processes...thank so much for sharing. Love this little bird!

Norma Wilson said...

Thank you Maria! I will try to do more like it.
It helps me to stop and take stock in stages!
Thanks for stopping by and for taking the
time to comment!