Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Norma Wilson Original Oil Red Rooster In The Field

5" by 7" original oil on masonite board. It is currently on auction on eBay.

Still in my studio after a long but very productive day painting. I began five different paintings today which is more than I usually work on at once and actually completed three. I began the day going through all my paints and getting rid of old tubes and discovering some colors and paint that I didn't realize I had! That got me thinking of some new color schemes and I am very pleased with what I came up with! I will be posting the rest the remainder of the week. One cow I did is already on Irish white cow. I think I'll post that one here on my blog tomorrow night. Another I am working on is of white flowers and a small landscapae of Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I plan on being in my studio first thing tomorrow morning and then I am having lunch with fellow artists down in Portsmouth. We are having our First Friday celebration this week so I am sure we will be discussing that. Come see us!
Happy Birthday to my nephew Kevin!
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