Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Oh Chihuahua!

Oh Chihuahua!

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 8"x 10"

Such a face! I have spent the past year taking a masterclass with Lisa Call which has helped me to zero in on my values and focus on increasing my productivity and joy in the studio. I have not blogged in awhile but have been having a blast since Christmas painting what makes me happiest!
I actually had an epiphany moment when I realized that it is o.k. to embrace that I love to paint animal portraits and not feel that I need to be painting still life, floral, landscape, and seascapes too.
Unless I feel drawn to it as  much as I am to these faces! I literally have a smile on my face for
hours as I work on them. I must admit to talking to them occasionally too. It doesn't get any better than that. 

To help me keep smiling and spending lots of time in my studio, I am planning a thirty animal portraits in thirty days project beginning March 1st. I need your help. Stay tuned for more details in the coming week...

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