Monday, August 25, 2008

Norma Wilson Original Oil Rooster Chicken Cockeral Art

Title: Rooster Cutie Steppin' Out!

5" by 7" original oil on clayboard.

Today was super busy and very productive. Andrew finally got his licence after a paperwork glitch at his school that delayed him a couple of weeks. He is one happy camper. He is enjoying his last week before school starts with time at his friend's pools and video game tournaments and I am also getting some last minute chores out of him while I can! Tonight we had a meeting at Olde Towne Art Studios which was great with all kinds of things on the calender. Hope you'll join us for First Friday in Portsmouth which runs from 5 to 9. We'll be having an auction of original art by many of the artists who share studio space there. Bailee has been a bit lost without her partner in crime, Brewsky. I took her on a long walk this morning and have been giving her extra treats to console her. I did notice a big geyser in my back yard and found a big sprinkler head that Brewsky had "removed" and brought into the house! Guess he let that sprikler know who was boss! Have a nice Tuesday and hope you'll check in with me again soon! Click to Bid!

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